How to Measure Your Wall ?


1) Measure the full height and width of the wall. We need you to provide the exact wall size, so kindly double check your measurements before sending to us. We only need the squared meter of the surface you wish to cover so after measuring, multiply the width and height to get the squared meters you need (WxH), excluding any skirting boards or coving.

2) When there is a door, switch, window, couch or any object that could intefere with the design. Kindly send us the measurement of the object to adjust the design IF NEEDED to avoid being cut by the placed object.

3) If you're placing the mural/wallpaper around multiple walls, simply combine both wall measurements and submit them as one measurement instead of submitting two measurements and we will adjust the design to fill both walls.



Just as every wallpaper design is different, so is every room. You can get an idea by measuring the length and width of the walls, which helps to minimize waste and cost.

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of each wall to the nearest centimeter.
  2. Logic may suggest taking door and window measurements along with the walls. But there's a good reason not to ignore them: You’ll end up ordering slightly more wallpaper than you need. Excluding the doors and windows from your measurement should give you just the right amount of excess and the perfect design you need. In case of mistakes, you always want to measure for an extra 10% of waste.
  3. Grab the height and width you measured, multiply them and you'll know how many squared meters are needed.

If you have a large room such as a Dining or Stairs to cover, consider measuring one wall at a time and adding up the total at the end.


Every wallpaper design is different. The right amount for your project depends on the match type and the size of the repeat of the pattern/mural.